Primary Spine Practitioner



Examination and Diagnosis

Providing top care starts with knowing the source of the issue. A history of the problem and a well-designed physical examination should reveal the most likely source of pain or difficulty. Then the doctor can provide a diagnosis and work with you to determine the best path to overcoming the problem.


Spinal Manipulation

Also known as an adjustment, this uses quick, gentle maneuvers to introduce movement into joints, decreasing pain intensity through neural responses.


Soft Tissue Manipulation

When muscles are involved, the doctor can target trigger points to relieve tight, congested or painful areas of tissue. Many patients know this by popular names like Graston, FAKTR, or ConnecTX, and it may be performed with a tool or by hand. 


Therapeutic Exercise

Whether elite athlete, casual walker, or avid gamer, getting you back to your life and activities should always be the focus. Specific, manageable exercises decrease pain, train healthy movement, and prevent future occurrences. 


McKenzie Technique (MDT)

The McKenzie system of Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment uses a progression of movements and forces to determine pain sources and ensure their resolution. It is a powerful system that can help with spine disorders as well as pain felt in the limbs. 


Nerve Flossing

Nerve pain can occur when nerves adhere to adjacent structures like muscles, or when they are squeezed through small anatomical spaces. Nerve flossing techniques use body movements to relieve pain and can help return strength and sensation.


Postural Training

Sitting habits, desk work, driving, phones and computers- holding any position for extended time can be trouble. You can minimize postural issues with personalized tweaks, exercises and aids.


Stability Training

Athletes and people with physical jobs can have injuries as a result of the repeated movements that they do every day. A resilient body is the best approach!


Return to Activity

After injury, getting back to work and play is a process. Fortunately, a knowledgeable guide can minimize fears about re-injury and help to ensure a smooth transition back to the activities you value.



Mindfulness teaches you to be an objective observer of your own body. For many, this is an important step toward understanding and accepting the realities of their body without judgment. Dr. McCann incorporates this into all parts of examination and treatment as part of a biopsychosocial approach.